Visiting Sudan – Pictures and Scenes of Khartoum

The Velvet Rocket

Before even trying to get into Sudan, make sure you have your visas in order and give yourself plenty of time to get them. The Sudanese visas proved to be the most difficult and time-consuming visas that my Italian interpreter and I have yet obtained – and we have been to a lot of weird places. However, it is doable.  Unless you know someone though, you will find the task made significantly easier by recruiting the assistance of an outfit such as Raidan Travel (more on them below).

Entering Khartoum:


After getting out of the airport, one of the first buildings you will see upon entering Khartoum is this brand new luxury hotel (pictured below), the Burj al-Fateh, financed by Lafico, the Libyan Foreign Investment Company, and designed by Italian architects.

Local Sudanese refer to the hotel as “Qadaffi’s ball” which, yes, has the same double meaning as in…

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