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Nota de repudio a la condena de Rafael Braga a 11 años de prisión

abril 24, 2017


Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro

El pasado 20 de abril, fue publicada por Tribunal de Justicia de Río de Janeiro la sentencia relativa a la segunda prisión de Rafael Braga, que ocurrió el 12 de enero de 2016 según la cual Rafael fue condenado a 11 años de prisión por tráfico y asociación con el tráfico.

¿Por qué fue realmente condenado Rafael?

En el 2013 hubo grandes manifestaciones, él fue detenido en sus inmediaciones, aunque no había participado de ella, acusado de tener cocteles molotov, sin embargo  realmente eran botellas de Pinho Sol (producto de limpieza) y agua sanitaria. Fue detenido por la Unidade de Polizia de Pacificación de la Vila Cruzeiro en la localidad de Cascatinha, favela donde vive con su família. Por esto fue condenado a cinco años, cuyo último periodo fue bajo el régimen  de  libertad provisional (monitorado por una tobillera electrónica).

Durante su libertad provisional…

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Using Lefebvre’s triad

abril 10, 2017

Simon Briercliffe

Hewitt Avenue, one of the later roads built on the Noel Park estate, North London. I used to live on this street! Hewitt Avenue, one of the later roads built on the Noel Park estate, North London. I used to live on this street!

I did warn you that this would be a place for testing half-baked theories, so no Black Country history today, sorry. If you’re not up for critical theory and continental philosophy on a Friday morning, back away slowly now.

There’s been plenty of debates over the years about the role of theory within the practice of history. Many historians would agree that history without the theory means very little, but also with Jordanova’s point that history actually hasn’t been a traditionally theoretical discipline – that most theories used within history have been drawn from other fields. Coming in from the social sciences, I can definitely see the overlaps: Marxism, poststructuralism, cultural turns etc. – all shared across the humanities and social sciences.

Happily I have no problem with this, so…

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Beauty is in the streets

abril 10, 2017

Simon Briercliffe

061 Je participe, tu participes, il participe, nous participons, vous participez, ils profitent – I participate, you participate, he participates, we participate, you participate, they profit. This play on the tables of conjugation that everybody had to learn by rote is the source of the critique of everyday life by Lefebvre, the Situationists, and the students of ’68. We all live out the daily grind – but someone else benefits. (source)

The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.

Karl Marx, Theses on Feuerbach.

I never realised that, like party politics, academia has a conference season. At least, March appears to be it which means I’ve ended up with far too much work to do in one go. Never mind. Just a quick one then on the various bits of highly-tangentially-related of reading I’ve been fitting in. I still…

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