Space Block Hanoi Model

This is an experimental project by Kazuhiro Kojima. What is interesting is how CFD [computational fluid dynamics] is used to evaluate and assist in the design. From the article “Design of a porous-type residential building model with low environmental load in hot and humid Asia“, the study shows an approach for designing housing in our local tropical climate SG. The methodology used here clearly departs from present public housing strategies in SG, that are monotonous and lack of communal interaction within the building itself.
Space Block Hanoi Model

-location: Hanoi, Vietnam
-principal use: experimental housing
-site area: 271.27m2
-building area: 271.27m2
-total floor area: 466.71m2
-structure: reinforced concrete
-scale in building: 4 stories and 2 penthouses
-maximum height: 16,610mm
-architects:  Kazuhiro Kojima + Kojima Lab., Tokyo University of Science + Magaribuchi Lab., The University of Tokyo

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